Clip-Lok’s Clip Now Clips Together Furniture

Clip-Lok SimPak® has collaborated with fuzl, a furniture company in the UK, which uses Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clips™. The clips hold the furniture together, and it is flat packable. The concept of flat-pack furniture may evoke thoughts of hours spent in tricky instructions.


But, a new concept in flat-pack furniture which can be easily constructed in minutes without an allen key around is the brainchild of Oliver Theobald. Oliver, whose background is in industrial design and business development, always wanted to design furniture. The ‘light bulb’ moment for it came when he had a new small one-bedroom flat and had no furniture to fill it.


On long train commutes from London to his work in Glasgow, Oliver used to draw furniture designs. It is then that he remembered he had met with Anders Lassen and Gustaf Follin from Clip-Lok SimPak at an exhibition. He discussed with them his idea for strong versatile flat-pack furniture made in high-quality birch plywood and held together by Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clips™, which would last forever. He was excited to hear they shared his enthusiasm.


Things started to happen during a workshop supported by Somerset House Trust in London. It was during this time that Oliver met York St John University’s Professor Christopher Moore and Debbi Boden-Angell, Director of ICT and Library Services. The university at the time was looking at design ideas for their new London campus. fuzl’s design impressed them. They asked Oliver to put together a proposal to build tables, chairs and bookshelves for the University’s London campus. Since then, the orders have only grown.


fuzl’s furniture is simple yet striking, functional yet stylish. fuzl uses the finest birch plywood to build their furniture. Their furniture is hardwearing and reusable. It’s easy to move due to its design, so it’s agile. A factory in Nottingham manufactures it and all products rigorously tested in the UK.


Chris Anderson, London Campus Manager said “The fuzl furniture works very well in the York St John University campus in London. It’s so versatile and reflects the space we have here, which is agile and multi-purpose. We regularly move furniture to create different shapes. We use them in different formats for teaching and also for other events held here. We have had many positive comments from colleagues and visitors on the furniture. Visitors have commented on the contemporary and innovative approach we have to teaching in London. It reflects the image we would like to portray and contributes to the welcoming look and feel of our campus.”


fuzl like Clip-Lok SimPak® believes in trying to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact of the products. Their plywood suppliers are FSC approved. The furniture is also designed to optimise the use of their stock boards. Any excess material is then recycled.


Oliver hopes that people who use and ‘own’ the furniture are inspired to love it, cherish it, and care for it.