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The automotive industry is globally recognized for their manufacturing, supply chain flow and innovative product developments. Clip-Lok SimPak® provides packaging for the automotive industry. We work with customers across the supply chain, from major automotive manufacturers and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to sub suppliers.

We sell materials which include customized complex steel racks, expendable boxes for export and returnable plywood boxes used within supplier-supplier cycles to save costs.

Packaging for the automotive industry is complex. Moreoever, in today’s world where time is money; there is an increase in demand for JIT deliveries. Clip-Lok Sim Pak’s domestic presence in major automotive manufacturing countries along with its global reach provides an ideal solution for customers in the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering products in flawless condition, just in time and exactly where you need it.


The complex and globalized automotive industry includes cars and truck manufactures, OEMs and sub-suppliers. Clip-Lok SimPak® works with OEMs and their entire supply chain to provide cost savings while employing packaging materials that can be used within supplier-supplier flows or direct to the line.

Customer value

Clip-Lok Sim-Pak® provides packaging for automotive industry and offers service at a domestic level along with worldwide coordination. We also offer:
Customised packaging
Cost saving
Low environmental impact
Dunnage for product protection
Tool free Environment
Just in time delievery
Long term supplier relationship
Clip-Lok offers innovative cost-efficient solutions to customers in the automotive industry.

Clip-Lok provides complete packaging solutions for defence forces and contractors worldwide.

With more than 30 years of experience in packaging big and heavy equipment, Clip-Lok knows how to design packaging for often bulky, sensitive and valuable technology.
Clip-Lok has the experience to design packaging solutions for small & fragile electronic manufacturers as well as big heavy industrial equipment manufacturers

Clip-Lok offers unparalleled packaging solutions for the complex and sensitive medical equipment required by today’s healthcare industry.

Clip-Lok is a trusted provider of packaging solutions to various industry segments.
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