One way solution

The Expendable box is a one-way solution which can be flat packed. It is optimized for the customer’s supply chain with a focus on product protection and easy procurement at the final destination.

Returnable solutions

Returnable box which is also known as reusable box can be used for over 100 transportation cycles.

Clip-lok steel rack

The Clip-Lok Steel Rack is normally a flat-pack returnable solution. It’s optimized for the customer’s supply chain. It focuses on protecting the product during transport. There is also focuses on packing density and operator ergonomics. We also ensure that it is easy to retrieve at the final destination.

Clip-lok combibox

The Clip-Lok CombiBox – a hybrid packaging with a pallet made of steel with a plywood upper. The steel pallet is nearly indestructible and constructed in such a way that all parts that risk being damaged by collision are encompassed inside the perimeter of the pallet.

Clip-lok rerack

The Clip-Lok ReRack is a new concept that makes it easy to rebuild steel racks! A solution that revolutionizes packaging conditions for industries like automotive.

Plastic Trays

Clip-Lok Plastic Trays: Reusable Solution for High-Quality Surfaces! With smart logistics, each tray maximizes part capacity without compromising product integrity
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