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Clip-Lok SimPak provides optimized cost efficient packaging solutions for power generation, transmission and renewable energy customers. As the energy sector is faced with unique challenges we design custom packaging solutions to meet them head on. Our packaging solution protects high-tech and sensitive products including solar panels, inverters, generators and circuit breakers. Our energy customers face delivery difficulty due to severe environmental conditions. In the energy sector product safety and delivery of high tech and sensitive products are the key performance variables while choosing a packaging company. Clip-Lok SimPak can deliver on these key variables and more by thoroughly reviewing your inquiry, and designing an optimized cost efficient packaging solution to satisfy your needs. Our history of providing complete customized packaging solutions across the world ensures that our customers receive a perfect blend of local service and global coordination.


Clip-Lok Sim-Pak offers packaging solutions which provides product safety throughout the supply chain to the energy sector. We are experts in packing sensitive, valuable and large and/or heavy high-tech products which need to be transported through challenging conditions. Clip-Lok Sim-Pak has proven successful in providing custom optimized packaging solutions in the following areas: Power Generation – Turbines, generators and other equipment for alternative energy Transmission & Distribution – Components and equipment in all weight classes

Customer value

With an increased focus on social responsibility, global energy companies have a strong environmental policy which complements our approach towards these practices. We also offer energy customers:
Cost reduction
Providing local & Global support to clients
Environment policy compliance
Tool free Environment
Custom designet product packaging solutions for prodict safety
Clip-Lok offers innovative cost-efficient solutions to customers in the automotive industry.

Clip-Lok provides complete packaging solutions for defence forces and contractors worldwide.

With more than 30 years of experience in packaging big and heavy equipment, Clip-Lok knows how to design packaging for often bulky, sensitive and valuable technology.
Clip-Lok has the experience to design packaging solutions for small & fragile electronic manufacturers as well as big heavy industrial equipment manufacturers

Clip-Lok offers unparalleled packaging solutions for the complex and sensitive medical equipment required by today’s healthcare industry.

Clip-Lok is a trusted provider of packaging solutions to various industry segments.
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