Transport Scratch Sensitive Panels Scratch Free

Reusable packaging for scratch sensitive panels.

Clip-Lok SimPak® in collaboration with Mink Bürsten® has developed a new reusable packaging solution for scratch sensitive panels.

Stainless steel and powdered lacquered panels, among others, are sensitive to scratches. Scratches disrupt the production line. Higher returns of scratched panels increase the cost for the company. So, finding the right packaging supplier for scratch sensitive panels is essential.

Research indicates two of the most common reasons for scratches during transportation are when panels touch each other or if any abrasive material like sand grain enters the packaging.

To separate the panels, packaging designers use the comb dunnage design. A comb dunnage design usually uses foam. But, scratches are likely if the packaging supplier uses foam for this comb dunnage design. This is due to the larger surface area of the foam. If an abrasive material enters the packaging, it has more area to rest, and scratch the panels during transport.

The Clip-Lok 2P box embedded with brushes narrowly separates the powder lacquered panels.

Mink Bürsten® produce millions of brushes every year from their range of over 250,000 different types at their production facility in Germany. Many machines use Mink Bürsten’s brush technology in metal plates for laser cutting as metal plates are scratch sensitive. The fine bristles of the brush technology do not scratch the metal plates. Sand grain or other abrasive materials cannot settle because of the small surface area on the brush. So, it is safer.

The unique brush technology secures the panels on all four sides ensuring scratch-free transport.

Clip-Lok SimPak® has introduced Mink Bürsten’s brush technology in packaging. Clip-Lok has designed the Clip-Lok 2P Box with brushes for scratch sensitive panels. The patented 2P box has only two loose parts: the lid and the front panel. It is possible to remove and replace the sides if required. The hinged panels of the Clip-Lok 2P box ensure rapid folding and assembly. It is possible to use the Clip-Lok 2P box up to a hundred times. The brushes inserted in the box separate the scratch sensitive panels. The brush separation is narrower than the foam construction. This increases the packaging density of the box for scratch sensitive panels.

Mink Bürsten’s Director of Scandinavia, Martin Kæmpe said, “We live in a time where processes are faster than ever, and as a company, you have to know and identify your core competencies. Clip-Lok’s insight and in-depth knowledge of transport packaging solutions combined with our brushing technology is evidence that when two different companies bring each of their skills to the table, the value created will ultimately benefit customers. Once this is mastered, 1 + 1 gives more than 2, which is the new transport solution from Clip-Lok SimPak®”.

Clip-Lok 2P box flat packed with all components contained within; thereby saving up to 70% volume.