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Clip-Lok Plastic Trays: Reusable Solution for High-Quality Surfaces! With smart logistics, each tray maximizes part capacity without compromising product integrity

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For over 35 years Clip-Lok SimPak® specializes in cost-efficient and sustainable packaging solutions. Our trays can be crafted using recycled materials, such as corrugated or honeycomb structured plastic, with options for foam, textile, polyurethane, or similar inserts/dunnages. This composition ensures the utmost protection for class A surfaces while maximizing logistics capacity.


Clip-Lok plastic trays are fully customizable to meet your product’s unique requirements. Our packaging solutions are tailored to your specific product, featuring customized dimensions and materials that meet the demands of transport packaging and storage for sensitive products with class A surfaces. Additionally, our plastic tray designs are space-optimized, leading to cost savings.


Optimal for the automotive sector, our plastic trays provide a seamless solution for transporting delicate components. Specifically designed for items requiring meticulous handling, such as piano black parts and those demanding extra care, including intricate mechanical mechanisms and electronic components. Choose our trays for precision and reliability in the automotive industry.



Our unique tray construction minimizes the risk of damage to sensitive products and components. We design plastic boxes to align with your supply chain needs, aiming to optimize packaging density and reduce your logistics costs. Moreover, the trays have an interlock system which allows the trays to store space-effectively.
Long-Term Cost Savings
Clip-Lok SimPak plastic trays are ergonomically designed to accommodate as many products as possible. This high efficiency and space utilization translate to time and cost savings in both storage and transportation of your products


By packing as efficiently as possible, you can save space and minimize handling and logistics costs. These cost savings benefit your entire supply chain. Our customers have consistently achieved more efficient packing, thanks to the precise design of our interiors. Our engineers collaborate with you to meet your requirements for secure and stable packaging. Using CATIA, we have developed the Clip-Lok plastic tray and its interior to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your products.

Interior fittings or dunnages play a crucial role in protecting and stabilizing your products throughout the entire supply chain. We continuously strive to develop new and innovative ideas to expand our range of designs and materials. Our specially adapted interior fittings are manufactured from a variety of materials. Their superior design enables the safe transportation of products and maximizes space usage.

For the safe delivery of heavy and delicate products, it is essential to pack them securely. We offer customized interior solutions based on your requirements to protect your products from damage, such as scratches during transportation. To instill confidence and ensure that the Clip-Lok plastic tray meets your high standards, we can assist you in conducting tests according to your specified requirements. These tests can evaluate how well the Clip-Lok plastic tray performs in various conditions, including weather, vibration, falls, pressure, and more. Testing can be conducted either internally or with third parties, depending on your preferences.


We use high-quality plastics, including PS and HDPE, as well as polyurethane and foam. These materials meet the high standards and requirements in both North America and Europe. Additionally, we can customize labeling according to customer preferences. All components are manufactured in-house or by approved suppliers, ensuring that Clip-Lok SimPak consistently maintains the high standards outlined in its quality manual.

Due to the interlock system the Clip-Lok plastic trays securely stack on top of each other to optimize space in the warehouse and during transport.

Upon request we can assist with the supply of unique, non-standard pallets to maximize transport and storage.


We regularly conduct product testing to ensure they meet our customers’ requirements. The Clip-Lok plastic tray is lightweight, durable, and of high quality, aiming to satisfy the most stringent standards. Clip-Lok SimPak® specializes in developing and selling transportation packaging that reduces our customers’ overall costs while minimizing environmental impact. Our ambition is to create and further develop successful solutions based on market demand. Many of our products are patented and have received international awards. By incorporating our products into the distribution chain, our customers can contribute to a sustainable society without compromising on high standards of safety and quality.

We perform in house testing for our packaging before delivering it to the client. All testing and certifications can be performed upon request.


To ensure that Clip-Lok plastic trays meet your specific needs, we will collaborate with you. We will familiarize ourselves with your packaging and transportation requirements to provide the best packaging solution for your operations. Once we have assessed all potential challenges, we will deliver an integrated packaging solution. Our primary focus is on the purpose of the Clip-Lok plastic tray. We also understand the importance of cost-efficiency and ease of handling for a Clip-Lok plastic tray.

Our engineers will develop an integrated packaging solution after a thorough examination of your packaging needs and will make every effort to meet your requirements for a sustainable and cost-efficient packaging system. We utilize advanced 3D technology (CATIA) for our designs. Thanks to this technology, we can promptly present a prototype for your approval.

We recognize that parties other than yourselves must also be satisfied with our solution. It is equally important to ensure that your suppliers are comfortable with our solution. With 35 years of experience, we are well-prepared to accommodate various preferences and demands. The Clip-Lok plastic tray, known for its easy handling, smart adaptability, and reusability, satisfies the entire supply chain, making it easy to use, time-saving, and cost-effective


Regardless of the transportation you have chosen, we offer the perfect packaging solutions for transporting your goods safely and securely. Our goal is to transport goods by the best means possible.

Additional Options

Clip-Lok SimPak can adapt RFID tags or GPS tracking device to your boxes to have the most modern tracking system and product data available on the market.

With over 30 years of packaging experience, we have thousands of different transport boxes in one-way and returnable solutions available that are ready to be shipped. We can solve all your packaging problems and have a perfect solution for you, and its FREE to test!


We guarantee our product against faulty workmanship from delivery of an order;
any part which fails due to faulty material or faulty fabrication will be replaced free of charge.


All our customers are provided with a high standard of service. We will do our best to serve you and meet your needs not only in the process, but also after delivery of our reusable, collapsible Clip-Lok Boxes.

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