Cost-Effective Logistics: Clip-Lok SimPak created customised packaging to optimise the cost of the supply chain for Wing Lift™

 The partnership between Clip-Lok SimPak and Wing Lift™ brings together innovative container handling technology with smart packaging solutions. It results in smoother operations and cost savings throughout the supply chain. Thus Clip-Lok SimPak created customised packaging solution to optimise the cost of the supply chain for Wing Lift™ .

Recognizing the need for efficient and cost-effective packaging to transport Wing Lift™ systems, the two companies joined forces to revolutionize container handling practices.

The Wing Lift™ is a cost-effective Container Carrier handling concept for lifting and moving containers short distances. It offers extreme manoeuvrability in any direction when moving heavy containers without the aid of cranes or trucks. 

Clip-Lok SimPak, on the other hand, specializes in customized packaging solutions designed to optimize space utilization and reduce transportation costs. By analyzing the unique requirements of Wing Lift™ and its transportation methods, Clip-Lok SimPak developed a tailored packaging solution using durable and sustainable materials such as OSB and spring steel clips.

This bespoke packaging solution is engineered to fit seamlessly into various transportation modes, including trucks, sea containers, and air freight. By maximizing space efficiency and minimizing packaging materials, Clip-Lok SimPak’s packaging ensures significant cost savings of 15% to 20% in transportation and storage.

But the collaboration doesn’t stop at packaging only. Clip-Lok SimPak also provides advisory services to optimize the design of Wing Lift™ systems in order to reduce logistics cost, further enhancing efficiency considering sustainability approaches.  Both companies are committed to deliver innovative solutions that simplify logistics operations and drive business success.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Clip-Lok SimPak and Wing Lift™ represents a step toward sustainability and supply chain cost optimisation.

Since, Clip-Lok SimPak creates packaging to optimise the cost of the supply chain.

By joining forces, two companies are simplifying container handling, boosting efficiency, and driving down costs of logistics.

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