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Industrial manufacturers across the globe trust Clip-Lok’s optimal packaging solutions. We have the experience and knowledge to design a solution for small and/or fragile products, as well as, big and heavy machinery.

Our packaging designing experience enables us to offer shock & vibration protection to products. We also have approvals for dangerous goods handling. Moreover, we can provide radio frequency identification tags among other services. We are trusted by industrial manufacturers to provide optimal packaging solution in almost any packaging situation.

Our product design team and our multi-material knowledge for product safety and testing capabilities make us an ideal partner for optimal cost efficient packaging solutions for industrial manufacturers.


Clip-Lok Sim-Pak provides packaging solutions for industrial engineering segments. We provide optimal packaging solutions for a wide range of industrial engineering products including:

  • Industrial Motor & Engines
  • Switching Cabinets
  • 3D Printers
  • Films & Rolls
  • Graphical Equipments
  • Robotics

Customer value

Our global reach provides our industrial engineering customers with optimal packaging solutions to satisfy their individual needs. We also provide our customers with global co-ordination as well as local support along with the following:
Cost reducing packaging solution
Product protection
Multi-material packaging
Tool free Environment
Just in time delievery
Clip-Lok offers innovative cost-efficient solutions to customers in the automotive industry.

Clip-Lok provides complete packaging solutions for defence forces and contractors worldwide.

With more than 30 years of experience in packaging big and heavy equipment, Clip-Lok knows how to design packaging for often bulky, sensitive and valuable technology.
Clip-Lok has the experience to design packaging solutions for small & fragile electronic manufacturers as well as big heavy industrial equipment manufacturers

Clip-Lok offers unparalleled packaging solutions for the complex and sensitive medical equipment required by today’s healthcare industry.

Clip-Lok is a trusted provider of packaging solutions to various industry segments.
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