Clip-Lok SimPak created customised packaging solution for Treble Clef Audio

Clip-Lok SimPak har skabt en skræddersyet emballageløsning til Treble Clef Audio


Presenting our latest partnership with Treble Clef Audio, renowned for their Danish Modern design philosophy & innovation. In this collaboration, Clip-Lok SimPak created customised packaging solution for Treble Clef Audio. At Clip-Lok SimPak we take the shipping solutions for audio to a new level, through pioneering eco-friendly packaging, ensuring the secure delivery of their uniquely designed TCA-M Active Loudspeaker, while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

Challenges and Solutions while creating a packaging for Treble Clef Audio:

  • Unique Geometry and Design: The main challenge that Treble Clef Audio’s founder Ole faced, was the distinctive shape of the TCA-M Loudspeaker. and ensuring protection during transportation. By working closely together, we addressed this by leveraging their 3D visualisation program to calculate and design precise contact points. We ensured the packaging provides protection against shunting impacts while preserving the integrity of critical surfaces.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Delivery: Recognizing that the packaging would be sent directly to end-users, Clip-Lok SimPak ensured that the box was designed to fit into common spaces like lifts and door frames, facilitating trouble-free passage into living rooms where the speaker would be unboxed.
  • Quick Prototyping and Testing: The collaboration between Treble Clef Audio and Clip-Lok SimPak was an agile process. Clip-Lok created customised packaging for Treble Clef Audio. It took a couple of weeks from the initial meeting to the creation of a prototype box. The swift iterations and testing at Treble Clef Audio’s facility ensured that the packaging met all requirements seamlessly.

Customised packaging created by Clip-Lok SimPak:

  • Ease of Assembly and Disassembly: The packaging is designed for user convenience, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly without the need for tools. Users can unbox their TCA-Loudspeaker with just their hands, enhancing the overall unboxing experience. Moreover, the packaging configuration enables the box to be flat-packed, facilitating the relocation of the loudspeaker.
  • Sustainability: reflects both companies’ commitment to environmental responsibility. The packaging is crafted with plywood and steel, making it a sustainable choice that aligns with Treble Clef Audio’s policies.
  • Safety during Transportation: The packaging not only ensures the safety of the TCA-Loudspeaker during domestic and overseas transportation. Moreover, it also incorporates features to protect against shunting impacts, maintaining the speaker’s integrity.
  • Aesthetic Design Integration: The packaging is not just a protective shell. Clip-Lok SimPak created customised packaging for Treble Clef Audio to complement the TCA-Loudspeaker’s aesthetics, providing a cohesive visual experience for consumers.

The collaboration between Treble Clef Audio and Clip-Lok SimPak has not only addressed the logistical challenges of transportation but has also elevated the overall user experience. The partners seamlessly integrated sustainability, functionality, and design. The packaging stands as a testament to the successful synergy between audio technology and innovative packaging solutions.

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