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Durable and simple packaging is required for defence forces today. Clip-Lok SimPak offers simple and customized packaging solutions with innovative QIK clips that allow our customers to quickly open or close the crates without any tools, making our packaging extremely simple and efficient. As we have been working within the defence industry for over 30 years, we have amassed experience and obtained accreditation within NATO and various sectors of armed forces in countries such as South Africa, Israel, the US, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.


We have been suppliers to some of the world´s largest defence contractors. Our constant endeavor to design best solutions for our customers is built on our knowledge and experience.


Our boxes have passed tests such as:

  • Mil-std-1660; a standard for ammunition unit loads
  • ICAO standards for use in the airline industry
  • ADR/RID test requirements and standard liquids; a un transport of dangerous goods model regulations
  • IMDG standards; international code for the transport of dangerous goods by sea covering packing, container traffic and storage

Customer value

With over 30 years of experience in serving the defence industry, Clip-Lok SimPak has developed a reputation of providing high quality packaging to preserve delicate defence equipment.
Customised packaging
Cost saving
Tool free Environment
Flat pack
Dunnage for product protection
Long term relationship
Clip-Lok offers innovative cost-efficient solutions to customers in the automotive industry.

Clip-Lok provides complete packaging solutions for defence forces and contractors worldwide.

With more than 30 years of experience in packaging big and heavy equipment, Clip-Lok knows how to design packaging for often bulky, sensitive and valuable technology.
Clip-Lok has the experience to design packaging solutions for small & fragile electronic manufacturers as well as big heavy industrial equipment manufacturers

Clip-Lok offers unparalleled packaging solutions for the complex and sensitive medical equipment required by today’s healthcare industry.

Clip-Lok is a trusted provider of packaging solutions to various industry segments.
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