Clip-Lok returnable box more sustainable than one-way boxes

The environmental impact of Clip-Lok SimPak’s returnable packaging is significantly lower than comparable one-way packaging.

Clip-Lok’s returnable box underwent a life cycle assessment by the Rambøll group, an external third party consultant. They evaluated the life cycle of the Clip-Lok returnable box and its impact on the environment against a comparable one-way packaging system made in 6mm plywood.

The study shows the flat packable Clip-Lok returnable box significantly reduces the environmental impact, which makes it sustainable. The study included multiple simulations, and further determined the environmental impact on multiple parameters like raw materials, production, usage and disposal. Conclusively, the study indicates the Clip-Lok returnable box is better for the environment in comparison to one-way boxes. Clip-Lok boxes normally can be used more than 100 times, which makes it even better.

Sustainable Returnable Plywood Boxes

The Clip-Lok returnable box is made of plywood and steel clips. Wood is a renewable resource and easy to recycle. Similarly, steel is also easy to recycle. The study claims Clip-Lok’s unique design makes recycling easy and cheap.

Sustainable Returnable Plywood Boxes Easy to Clip Together

Our customers experience the longevity of the Clip-Lok returnable boxes. For instance, Daimler AG had 5000 boxes in use daily, transporting parts from Germany to an assembly plant in Argentina. Despite the frequency of use, the boxes have not shown any damages, nor have suppliers and operators faced any handling problems.

Sustainable Returnable Plywood Boxes

The study concludes that the overall lifecycle of the Clip-Lok returnable solution has less impact on the environment than the one-way solution due to the use of renewable and easily recyclable materials, as well as the durable and flat packable design. The unique design and ease of handling results in increased efficiency for the customer.

Sustainable Returnable Plywood Boxes

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