Easy to handle packaging for extraction cabinets

Extraction cabinets packed in easy to handle returnable packaging

Clip-Lok’s tailor-made packaging design provides our customer to access their product from all sides. Clip-Lok’s design allows the customer to build the packaging around the product, which makes it easy for the operators to handle. The Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clip®, which requires no tools to open and close the box make handling easy not only for our customers but also for the end-users.

The purity of technical systems and manufacturing processes has become increasingly important in several industries to eliminate harmful dirt particles, which cause unnecessary wear and tear and breakdowns. Technical purity is a highly sensitive market, which is based on purity standards. Particle extraction is an important process in technical purity.

The Customer

Our customer is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring equipment in Europe. They manufacture an extraction cabinet. An extraction cabinet ensures the extraction process can be performed according to the specified standard. Our customer designs these cabinets in custom and standard sizes. The extraction cabinet is bulky and made of high-quality hardware components. Therefore, it needs packaging, which is sturdy and protects it during transport.

Customer Challenges

Our customer needed a packaging solution that was sturdy and protected the extraction cabinet during transport. They also required a solution that was easy to handle and load on the trailers. It was also important to access the cabinet from all sides.

Clip-Lok’s Solution

Clip-Lok has designed a tailor-made returnable packaging solution for this extraction cabinet. The extraction cabinet weighs over 200 kg. Moreover, it is also bulky. To handle this special product, Clip-Lok’s salesperson Roger Tillberg, along with the Clip-Lok’s product designers designed a returnable packaging solution that was 1.2 L x 1.1 W x 2.1 H. A multi-dunnage solution with foam and heat-treated softwood was developed to protect the extraction cabinet during transport.

packaging for extraction cabinets
Extraction cabinet packed in Clip-Lok Returnable Box

Clip-Lok’s returnable box is secured with Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clips®. With these clips, no tools are needed to open and close the box. It provides easy handling for our customers and the end-users.

packaging for extraction cabinets
Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clip ensures a tool-free environment in production to open and close returnable boxes

The packaging is designed with a pallet bottom to make it easy to load and unload from a trailer. The packaging is also flat-packable. Therefore, the end customers can store the box, in case of recalibration. Clip-Lok’s returnable box is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, as stated in the study conducted by the Rambøll group.

packaging for extraction cabinet
Clip-Lok Returnable Box for extraction cabinets flat-packed with Clip-Lok QIK Steel Clips and foam dunnages

 General benefits of the Clip-Lok Solution:

  • No nails and screws required
  • Easy and cost-efficient packaging process
  • Work environment-friendly packaging process

Subsequent benefit for end-users:

  • Easy to handle
  • Simple and easy to disassemble, without risk of damaging the equipment
  • Easy to store

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