Packaging Cost Reduction for EV Battery Manufacturers

Lavere emballageomkostninger for producenter af EV-batterier

Clip-Lok’s returnable packaging solution for battery manufacturers reduces the logistical cost and environmental impact of the manufacturers of aluminium tubes used in lithium-ion batteries.

Clip-Lok’s innovative packaging design packs aluminium tubes of five different lengths in two different sized Clip-Lok 2P boxes. Packing aluminium tubes in two different sized Clip-Lok boxes reduces the transport cost for the customer. Moreover, the design allows for robot picking on an automated production line. Ethafoam is used as dunnage to protect the aluminium tubes during transport. The Clip-Lok returnable solution for aluminium tubes reduces the logistical cost for the industry.

Industry Challenges

Lithium-ion batteries are growing in popularity in the automotive, aerospace and renewable energy industries. Aluminium tubes are used in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. The aluminium tube is a crucial component in a battery thermal management system (BTMS). BTMS is important for the performance, lifetime, and safety of lithium-ion batteries. 

Industry Needs

Aluminium tubes are sensitive, as the multiport-tube has a wall thickness of app 0.3mm. The ends of the aluminium tubes are the most vulnerable, which requires the most protection against damages. Similarly, friction marks on the aluminium tubes made during transport must be avoided. Moreover, the packaging solution for aluminium tubes shall allow for robot picking on automated production lines. 

Clip-Lok’s Packaging Solution

Clip-Lok’s designers used the Clip-Lok 2P box, which is a returnable box after analysing the requirements. The Clip-Lok 2P box design with almost no loose parts reduces the risk of not returning all parts during return shipments. Similarly, the retained clips and hinged sides make handling easy. 

packaging for battery manufacturers

The Clip-Lok 2P box is designed in two sizes for an optimal transport solution to handle the aluminium tubes with up to five different length of profiles. If all aluminium tubes fits in one box, the transport cost for the small aluminium tubes are high. To ensure lower transport costs Clip-Lok 2P box in two sizes are chosen. The larger box packs aluminium tubes in three different lengths, and the smaller box handles the small tubes. The box design results in lower logistical cost for the customer. 

packaging for battery manufacturers

Clip-Lok uses ethafoam as dunnage to keep the aluminium tubes separated. The foams position is adjustable through different dunnage slots on the pallet bottoms.

No screws or nails are required to assemble and disassemble a Clip-Lok 2P box. The box design allows for robot picking on the automated production line. Once emptied, the 2P box can be flat-packed with all dunnage inside it. It can also be stacked. Flat packing and stacking reduce the transport and storage volume by up to 80%. Furthermore, a Clip-Lok box are reused over 100 transports with normal handling.  

packaging for battery manufacturers

Thus, Clip-Lok’s tailormade returnable packaging solution for battery manufacturers is easy to handle and protects the product from damages during transport. Our team provides the most optimal packaging solution and reduces the logistical cost for our customers.  

General benefits of the Clip-Lok Solution:

  • No nails and screws required
  • Easy and cost-efficient packaging process
  • Easy to handle
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packaging for battery manufacturers

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