UN approved packaging of dangerous goods

Clip-Lok’s reusable boxes are UN approved to transport dangerous goods.

Clip-Lok has developed a range of custom-designed reusable ammunition boxes. These boxes have all been UN approved for transporting dangerous goods group II and III.

Need for packaging

Over the years, several defence contractors have contacted us to design reusable packaging for ammunition. The requirement for ammunition packaging is high. The packaging needs to withstand airdrops, vibration and shock. It also requires UN approval as ammunition falls under dangerous goods classification. Therefore, it was required our boxes were tested and approved for the transportation of dangerous goods group II & III.

Our solution

Clip-Lok designed a returnable transport box made from FSC/PEFC certified plywood. Our boxes are assembled with our strong spring steel clips. The spring steel clips are available in 35mm and 50mm. Therefore, the assembly and disassembly require no tools and nails. Clip-Lok custom designs dunnages to secure the ammunition and protect it against shock and vibration during transport.

Our boxes passed various tests such as drop test, vibration test, stack test and pressure test. They have also been UN approved for transportation of dangerous goods.

Clip-Lok boxes are shipped by road, rail, air or sea. They are also simple and easy to flat-pack. They can be custom-designed for transporting in Hercules or 20 feet or 40 feet containers. Our solution is also stackable with a four-way pallet, which makes them easy to handle. When not in use, the boxes can be used for training sessions as well as be collapsed and stacked in storage, where they take up minimum space.

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