Clip-Lok’s sustainable production initiative

Clip-Lok SimPak® in collaboration with the local municipality focussed the company’s new green business plan on energy savings. Clip-Lok hired Viegand Maagøe A/S as an external consultant. They are experts in the green transition and carried out the examination. The results from the study show that Clip-Lok is running an energy-efficient production in Allerød, Denmark. However, with some small changes, Clip-Lok could further reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 4.9 tonnes. Clip-Lok has already implemented the changes suggested by the consultants, wherever feasible. Consequently, Clip-Lok has reduced the carbon footprint for themselves and their customers.

The consultants analysed lighting, heating, extraction and compressed air systems in the production.


The consultants declared the lighting in the production was in good condition. The supplement from the skylights made it energy efficient and sustainable.


The consultants believe the heat supply is working efficiently. However, they suggest Clip-Lok to better utilize heat recovery from the compressors. It will reduce energy consumption, and make heating more sustainable.


The consultants found the extraction system to be satisfactory. However, they suggest Clip-Lok installs a monitoring system. It would make the production more energy-efficient.

Compressed Air

The consultants also tested the compressors in the compressed air system. They were satisfied with the quality of the compressors. However, the consultants suggest a support system for the compressed air system. They estimate it will save approximately 15% of Clip-Lok’s energy consumption for the compressors.

Environmental Savings

If we convert these energy savings to CO2 equivalents, it will result in annual savings in CO2 emissions of 4.9 tonnes. We have implemented all changes where feasible.

As indicated in the analysis by the Rambøll group, Clip-Lok’s packaging solution is sustainable. However, after implementing these changes where feasible, Clip-Lok boxes have become more sustainable.  Clip-Lok has not only reduced its carbon footprint but has also helped its customers reduce theirs.

Environmental Product Declaration – Download

The changes make Clip-Lok SimPak® greener without changing their current business model.

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