Clip-Lok manufactures foldable steel racks for transaxles

Clip-Lok SimPak® has manufactured foldable steel racks for transaxles for one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Finland. This unique solution has increased efficiency and reduced damages for our customer. 

Clip-Lok SimPak® has manufactured a foldable steel rack for transaxles used in agricultural equipment. We have hot-dip galvanised this steel rack to increase its durability in a harsh environment. Therefore, our customer can store these racks outside. These racks acks nest into each other when folded due to their unique design, optimizing space during transport. We have coloured part of these racks orange. The colour makes it easy for the forklift driver to see the separation point from the rack to the transaxle. This lowers damages and makes it easy to handle during forklift transport.

The Customer Need

Our customer contacted us to manufacture a non-fibrous packaging solution for transaxles. Clip-Lok collaborated with a top engineering firm Samcons Oy from Finland. Samcons Oy designed a tool, which enabled efficient manufacturing of the Clip-Lok Steel Racks.

foldable steel racks for transaxles
Fully assembled Clip-Lok Steel Rack stacked on each other

Clip-Lok Solution

The design of these Clip-Lok Steel Racks makes it easy for the operators to handle the transaxles. The fork tunnels designed in our steel racks provide secure and precise handling. Similarly, the coloured top aids forklift drivers to separate the transmission from the steel rack, making handling easier during operation.

foldable steel racks for transaxles
Folded and stacked steel racks

Furthermore, these Clip-Lok Steel Racks contain multiple support dunnage at the base. It secures the transaxle during transport. We have also marked each steel rack with a unique serial number for ease of identification during operation.

foldable steel racks for transaxles
Clip-Lok’s steel rack solution for transaxles

“We use high-quality structural steel for our steel racks. It is high strength steel which lasts for many years.” He further added, “We manufacture every rack in our welding fixture. It helps us to keep our quality high but still keep improving our consistency, quality and efficiency. These Clip-Lok Steel Racks for transaxle are hot-dip galvanised. So, these racks can be stored outside and endure the harsh environment in Finland”.

Gustaf Follin, Sales Director at Clip-Lok SimPak®