Fuel bladder packaging for fighter jets

Clip-Lok SimPak™ and packIQ have developed a screw and nail-free packaging solution to transport a fuel bladder for the F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft. It is approved to transport hazardous goods and is certified with multiple military specifications. The unique pallet design allows slinging. The boxes are coated in polyurea to withstand the harsh environment found on aircraft carriers.

Transporting and storing fuel for the military

Fuel is an essential part of the military supply chain. The military uses fuel bladders to transport and store fuels. However, the UN classifies fuel bladders as dangerous goods. Fuel bladders are made from advanced fabric, but they are easily damaged. They are also susceptible to punctures from screws and nails. Therefore, it is important that the packaging used for fuel bladders are screw and nail-free. Furthermore, the packaging also needs to be approved to transport hazardous goods. The navy uses fuel bladders, especially for fighter jets. Therefore, the packaging needs to withstand harsh environments.

Clip-Lok SimPak’s packaging solution for transporting a fuel bladder

Clip-Lok SimPak™ and packIQ, our American partners, have developed a returnable box to transport fuel bladders for the F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft. The solution is screw and nail-free, as fuel bladders must be free from damages, especially leaks. Therefore, Clip-Lok’s fuel bladder box is puncture free. The externally fitted clips are reusable strong spring steel clips, which are easy to use and need no tools. The clips are retained on the box to avoid any lose parts. 

Due to fuel residuals, all packaging for fuel bladders needs to be hazardous goods approved. These fuel bladder boxes are hazardous goods approved by internationally accredited test institutes. Additionally, they have military specifications such as MIL 810 STD and MIL-648 STD certification. Some of these boxes are tested and approved for up to 2 tonnes of pressure. They are also air transport certified.

Clip-Lok fuel bladder boxes are polyuria coated. Polyurea provides greater protection against saltwater. Therefore, it can withstand the harsh environment found on aircraft carriers.

Unique pallet design

Clip-Lok’s fuel bladder box also has a unique pallet design. The pallet allows slinging i.e. lifting the boxes with a chain attached to the pallet with a crane lifting it for fueling the aircraft. The boxes also have vents to allow fumes and heat to dissipate. Clip-Lok and packIQ have designed these boxes to protect them against fuel residuals. Therefore, all panels have a 12mm foam bonded on them, providing it greater protection to the fuel bladder.

Clip-Lok fuel bladder boxes are flat packable when not in use. They are also stackable. This minimizes the space required to store them. As these boxes are tailor-made, they are available in various sizes and customized solutions. For instance, we can paint the boxes for land with NATO green IR inhibitor paint.

Stacked Clip-Lok Fuel Bladder boxes for F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft