Precision certified weights packed in sustainable boxes

Clip-Lok SimPak® develops returnable transport packaging for certified weights. 

Our customer is a leading global manufacturer of precision certified weights. Certified weights are used by manufacturing industries to test and analyse their scales. These certified weights are heavy. They must also be easy to handle and transport, as they are used to test and analyse weighing machines. Therefore, Clip-Lok has developed a reusable packaging solution to secure these certified weight units. Our design ensures the weight of each of these units is distributed proportionately on the pallet. Furthermore, the ease of access from all sides makes it easy to handle for the operators.

Need for our transport packaging solutionhållbara

The customer previously strapped their certified weights on a pallet, after which it would be transported to test scales at their customers’ plant. However, during transportation, these certified weights would get damaged. The smallest of scratches changed its weight, leading to inaccurate results. Therefore, Clip-Lok’s solution that covered these certified weights from all sides was perfect. It secured the product at all times during transport.

Redesigned pallet blockshållbara

Each unit of the certified weight weighs 500 kgs. Thus for the pallet to be secure, it was necessary to proportionately distribute the load of these certified weights on the pallet blocks. Hence, we designed larger pallet blocks and stabilised the pallet.

Ease of access

Ease of access was also an essential need for the customer. Our transport packaging solution with spring steel clips secure the product from all sides. With packaging built around the product, it provides easy access to the operators from all sides.

Sustainable solutionhållbara

Over the years, our returnable transport packaging has been used over 100 times with normal handling. Furthermore, our boxes are also flat-packable and stackable. Also, all products used in the packaging are recyclable. Our returnable transport boxes are also environmentally friendly. A study conducted by Rambøll further explains it. Therefore, by using our returnable solution, our customer has reduced their environmental impact.

Download: Environmental Product Declaration Report

Clip-Lok’s returnable transport packaging for certified weights provides easy access and is a sustainable solution for the customer. 

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