Cost effective packaging for lithium-ion batteries

Clip-Lok SimPak® has developed a cost-effective reusable and one-way packaging for lithium-ion batteries. 

Our customer is a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries used in industrial forklift trucks. Clip-Lok’s solution handles three different sizes of lithium-ion batteries in one box. Moreover, the ease of handling of the Clip-Lok solution saves time in production. A return on investment analysis indicated significant savings for our customer.

Multiproduct packaging design 

Our customer originally packed one battery type of one size in a box. However, Clip-Lok’s designers optimised it and designed an agile box. Our customer can now pack three battery types of different size in one box. Furthermore, our packaging design can accommodate 4 to 12 lithium-ion batteries of different sizes in one box. Thus, significantly reducing the packaging cost for our customer.

Our customer uses Clip-Lok returnable boxes for their two and three-way flows. Similarly, they use Clip-Lok expendable boxes for their one-time export shipments.

Clip-Lok Transport Box for Lithium-ion battery
Clip-Lok Transport Box for lithium-ion batteries

Clip-Lok boxes are flat packable, which reduces the transport cost. They are also stackable. Thus, making it easy to store and reducing storage costs. Moreover, our boxes are nail and tool-free. It makes the batteries less susceptible to damages. The boxes are also easy to access from all four sides, making it easy to handle for the operators.

The CEO of our customer said, ‘We were really pleased by the designed solution from Clip-Lok. They managed to design a box that fit multiple modules and battery types, saving us packaging cost. The flat packability of the boxes also saves us return transport cost. Our operators find the boxes easy to open and we are very happy with Clip-Lok’s service support’.

Lithium-ion battery in Clip-Lok Transport Box
Lithium-ion batteries in Clip-Lok Transport Box  

Return on Investment

At the end of the project, a return on investment was calculated. The results revealed our customer saved thousands of euros due to the innovative design, ease of handling and reduction in storage costs of our box.

Roger Tillberg leads the lithium-ion battery project in Sweden and Norway. He said, ‘We created an optimal packaging solution for the customer. We also improved the handling experience for their operators. The innovative dunnage design protects the batteries and optimises the packaging. The return on investment calculated at the end of the project revealed significant savings for the customer’.

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