Managing packaging projects during the lockdown

With over 30 years of experience in providing packaging solutions to the automotive, defense and aeronautical industries, Clip-Lok SimPak® is an expert in successfully delivering projects remotely. Even in times of severe lockdown, Clip-Lok is supporting the medical industry by providing packaging for intubator boxes and developing sanitizer booths. We are in a favourable position to resolve packaging challenges, in these challenging times of ‘social distancing.

Supporting our customers in severe lockdown

Clip-Lok South Africa is supporting the medical industry in providing packaging for intubator boxes developed by our customer. The intubator box is designed for any aerosol-generated procedures on critically ill infectious patients. We developed an efficient packaging solution, which packed four intubators in one box. The box was designed with handles on both sides to ensure it was easy to handle in hospitals. Even though South Africa has been under a severe lockdown, we are swiftly supplying packaging to our customer, as their product is in high demand.

packaging projects
Clip-Lok Transport Box with intubators
packaging projects
Handles on the side panels ensure easy handling for end-users

Similarly, Clip-Lok has been developing innovative solutions even when countries are in severe lockdown. For instance, Clip-Lok South Africa has developed a sanitizer booth. The sanitizer booth can be fitted with a misting system with sensors that sprays disinfectants. It can be placed at the entrances of factories, offices, hospitals and shops to disinfect people walking in and out.

Managing packaging projects during the crisis

Clip-Lok SimPak® helps you to find the right packaging solution. Our sales team have developed thousands of packaging solutions. They help customers’ find the best packaging solution for their products. We have thousands of pleased customers’. The experts at Clip-Lok ensure packaging is easier for the customer.

Our sales team is in constant contact with the customers and our product developers. This close collaboration ensures our product developers receive precise information, which helps them develop packaging design in Catia which is a 3D design software used to design aeroplanes, cars, trucks and packaging. It supports our development team to design intricate packaging without needing a physical product, and sometimes even before, they physically exist!

All this is possible due to the excellent remote project management skills of our sales team. Our customers’ needs are a priority. Therefore, our sales team ensures regular updates through emails and video calls. Using the latest digital technology, we fulfil the packaging needs of our customers’.

CEO of Clip-Lok Anders Lassen says, “We are located on five continents. Therefore, we have a worldwide production capacity to fulfil your needs and we are eager to help all customers in these testing times to develop their packaging. Our ability to manage projects remotely is key to ensuring we provide our customers’ with the best packaging solutions without flouting on the social distancing rules. We are ready to serve you in these challenging times”.