Clip-Lok supplies packaging for transport of troop securing system

Custom design, cost-effectiveness, and reusability were just a few of the demands when Clip-Lok was contacted by Permali to design packaging.

Permali was awarded the contract to supply bullet and blast-resistant armored panels for Nexter for their armored personnel carriers and contacted Clip-Lok to design a box to transport them in. The armor system consists of over 100 components of greatly varying sizes, which are both heavy as well as sensitive to compression due to bonded foam layers.

Nexter required the armor systems to be delivered in boxes that could be flat-packed, returned, and reused. The individual components would need to be packed in a specific order and be easily accessible so the boxes could be an integrated part of the Lean production line. Once on the production line, the workers needed easy and sequential access to the parts direct from the box without unnecessary handling.

Using computer-generated drawings of each component, the engineers at Clip-Lok were able to design a solution where each component is hung in the correct order on specially designed protective racks within the box. This solution saves space and offers excellent support and protection to the A-class surfaces. Upon arrival to the production line, the lid and one side of the box can be opened within seconds giving the workers easy and sequential access to the parts, which are hanging for more ergonomically correct lifting and mounting on the vehicle.

When the Clip-Lok box is emptied, it can then be quickly and easily packed flat for space-saving and cost-effective return shipping and reused time and again.

Permali has implemented the system in full with great success.