Clip-Lok supports sub-contractor to NASA

Clip-Lok has supplied the packaging for the transport of Doppler radars made by Weibel Scientific, Allerød, Denmark. Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems. The Doppler radars were used for surveillance of the mission “Return to Flight” in 2005.

Weibel Scientific delivered the Doppler radars in 2005 and in 2008 they delivered an upgraded pedestal.

In both cases, Weibel Scientific chose the reusable Clip-Lok packaging system. The reason for choosing the Clip-Lok system was to obtain the highest possible protection of the sensitive parts and to ensure easy loading and unloading upon arrival at NASA. As shipping was done by air, the size of the radars made it necessary to split them into several parts. As the radars contain sensitive technology, it was of utmost importance that these parts arrived safely and undamaged and that the packaging was sized to fit the means of transport.

Clip-Lok has vast experience in designing reusable boxes for sensitive equipment transported by air. In close cooperation with Weibel Scientific, Clip-Lok developed and designed several boxes for the Doppler radar parts. Some of the Clip-Lok boxes were made with custom inserts to secure the sensitive parts and to protect the painted surfaces of the radars. The radars arrived undamaged and, as we all know, the mission was completed successfully.