Clip-Lok boxes proved the perfect solution for high-tech equipment

A leading provider of rapid prototype and production machines contacted North American Clip-Lok partner, packIQ, in search of a better packaging solution. The high-tech products they provide are used to rapidly design, communicate, prototype, and produce functional parts and products. They needed a solution that offered optimum protection for the sensitive equipment and which could reduce the amount of time spent packing the equipment for shipping.

packIQ responded with a custom-designed Clip-Lok box solution that reduced the packaging time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes. This reduction was especially significant given the fact that the work was being done by highly compensated technicians. During the testing phase, where the Clip-Lok box and the currently-used container were compared, packIQ’s Clip-Lok box performed significantly better completely eliminating damage during the shipping simulation.

Not only is the manufacturer happy with the new solution, but the end-users are also very happy with the design of the box because it reduces the need to use a hammer or power tools to uncrate the very valuable piece of equipment. And once the box is emptied, it can be quickly and easily flat-packed for space-saving and cost-effective return shipping.

The box can be reused time and again providing the company very rapid return on investment. This fact, combined with the extreme durability of the box and the fact that the box is made of certified environment-friendly plywood makes the Clip-Lok box a sound choice.

The customer concluded that is better to put a world-class, highly engineered piece of equipment into world-class, high-quality packaging. In fact, the program has been so successful that packIQ has been asked to develop Clip-Lok packaging for every new model that has been developed.