The Clip-Lok CombiBox – a hybrid packaging with a pallet made of steel with a plywood upper. The steel pallet is nearly indestructible and constructed in such a way that all parts that risk being damaged by collision are encompassed inside the perimeter of the pallet.

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About The CombiBox

Clip-Lok SimPak® has partnered with the automotive industry for 30 years when it comes to cost-efficient sustainable packaging solutions. Now, we are upgrading our product portfolio on the European market to include boxes made of steel! The patented CombiBox is a hybrid packaging with a pallet made of steel and a plywood upper. The steel pallet is nearly indestructible and constructed in a way that all parts that risk being damaged by collision are encompassed inside the perimeter of the pallet. When disassembled, the CombiBox is flat-packable, which offers great advantages for our customer’s entire delivery chain. In addition to optimally protecting the product during transport, the CombiBox has a better ergonomic design for the operator. Our construction makes it easy to return the product from its end destination. Our product range primarily consists of reusable and recyclable plywood or particle board panels that are assembled with clips of steel or plastic. We are now enhancing our product portfolio by offering boxes made of steel. This allows us to deliver transportation solutions made of nearly indestructible material. Naturally, our steel products meet the special requirements set by the automotive, defense, energy, industrial engineering, and healthcare industries.


The market has been lacking transportation packaging that is weather and dust resistant. Often, we are forced to use channel plastic solutions that let in the elements, are heavy and difficult to maintain. Tarpaulins are another solution but are rarely functional in the long run.


Clip-Lok SimPak® has developed the CombiBox – a hybrid packaging with a pallet made of steel with a plywood upper. The steel pallet is nearly indestructible and constructed in such a way that all parts that risk being damaged by collision are encompassed inside the perimeter of the pallet. Not only can it transport large, bulky and heavy items, but also small, scratch sensitive and fragile items. A few examples are bumpers, engines, gearboxes, monitors, windshields, steering wheels, etc. Our soft racks can also be mounted in the box to safely transport all types of fragile and sensitive products. To save room, our tailored soft racks are stored in the CombiBox for the return journey.


CombiBox combines the strength of steel with the low weight and maximized internal volume of plywood. CombiBox’s unique corner construction makes it possible to stack the packaging with little risk of material damage, even when it is incorrectly assembled. Once assembled, the CombiBox can be stacked stably thanks to the friction between wood and metal. When disassembled, it stands strong due to its corner construction. CombiBox can be used to transport all kinds of products for industries such as automotive, defense, energy, industrial engineering, and healthcare. Depending on customer needs and specifications, it can be made collapsible or easily disassembled. Not only is it efficient, but it is also suitable for storing, protecting and freighting a variety of components. Our customers use it to transport components between factories or even across continents.


CombiBox has been developed with the particular focus of satisfying customer needs and demands. It contributes to better manufacturing processes, makes for more efficient warehousing and reduces freight costs. It is also ergonomically designed to facilitate the work of the operator. This solution increases productivity on all levels of the supply chain. Higher efficiency and increased productivity make it possible for our customers to reduce their costs.


In order to gauge demand on the Swedish market, the new steel products have been introduced on a small scale. The response has been positive in many ways. Gustaf Follin, Sales Director of Clip-Lok SimPak, has led the launch, which has been characterized by listening to the customer. “A leading manufacturer of automotive cabins has chosen to invest in our mass-produced steel racks. They feel the process from inquiry to prototype and finally to mass production has been efficient and professional. It is a positive confirmation for starting our full-scale launch, particularly seeing that their needs were great and we had a limited amount of time.” Katrine Skovbjerg, Head of R&D at Clip-Lok SimPak, claims that the technical benefits of CombiBox become obvious when working with the customer. “Their greatest challenge is that their cabins are often produced in a different location from where the vehicles are assembled. This puts great demands on logistics, not least on packaging. We can help them overcome this challenge with our new steel transportation packaging. Clip-Lok SimPak’s steel racks enable their transportation to be safe, cost-efficient and environmentally conscious.”



By packing as efficiently as possible, you not only save space but also minimize managing and logistics costs. You benefit from these cost savings throughout the entire supply chain. Our customers have always been able to pack more efficiently thanks to the perfect construction of our dunnage. Because the CombiBox is tailored, it meets the needs and wishes of our customers. Our technicians will collaborate with you to satisfy your demands for secure and stable packaging. With the help of CATIA, we develop CombiBox and it’s dunnage so that you can transport your products safely and securely.


Dunnage is vital for protecting and stabilizing your products throughout the entire supply chain. We continually work to develop new and innovative ideas to add to our wide selection of designs and materials. We manufacture our specially adapted dunnages from a number of different materials. The superior design of our interior fittings allows for safe transportation of products and optimal space usage.


To guarantee safe delivery of heavy and fragile items, they must be packed in a way that minimizes risk. We offer interior fittings that are designed according to your needs. They protect your items from being damaged or scratched during the journey. To help you feel comfortable that CombiBox meets your superior requirements, we will help you run tests based on your specifications. We can organize tests to help you assess what CombiBox can handle when exposed to weather, vibration, being dropped, pressure and more. You decide whether the tests are performed on your premises or through a third-party.



We use high quality structural steel to manufacture the CombiBox’s steel parts. It meets the high requirement standards in both North America and Europe. We use high quality, strong and weather resistant plywood. It is normally 12 or 18 mm thick. Both the steel and plywood sections can be delivered in different finishes and can be labeled according to the customer’s wishes. All components are manufactured in-house or by approved suppliers, thus ensuring that CombiBox always meets the high standards of its quality manual. The steel clips are strong, flexible and easily mounted. Because the pallet is made of steel, there is minimal risk of fibrous soiling. In addition, steel and wood are superior choices from an environmental production and recycling perspective.


The unique construction of the CombiBox allows it to be collapsed and stored flat. All components of the collapsed product fit in one unit. The compact format saves space. Thanks to the special design of the corners, it can be stacked, making it possible to return several CombiBoxes on the same pallet, thus reducing logistics costs. The collapsed CombiBox takes up minimal warehouse space and thereby reduces overhead costs.


We manufacture both two-way and four-way entry pallets, with or without forklift channels to satisfy your demands. Our pallet is manufactured in steel. This minimizes the risk of fibrous soiling if materials should loosen from runners and blocks.

Quality control


We test regularly unique packaging design internally to ensure that our boxes live up to our customers requirements. Our CombiBox is strong, stable and high quality. Our goal is to met the most stringent requirements. Clip-Lok SimPak develops and sells transportation packaging that minimizes our customers’ total costs and carbon footprint. Our ambition is to create and further develop successful solutions based on market demand. Many of our products are patented and have received international awards. By using our products in the distribution chain, our customers can contribute to a sustainable society without compromising on stringent safety and quality requirements.


We have over the years tested our various products numerous times at internationally accredited packaging institutes and some of our products are ADR approved by the UN for transport of hazardous goods. Our boxes comply with ISPM 15 regulations.

The process


To ensure that CombiBox meets your particular needs, we will work in collaboration with you. We will acquaint ourselves with your packaging and transportation needs in order to deliver the best packaging solution for your operations. Once we have reviewed all possible problem areas, we will deliver an integrated packaging solution. We always focus on the purpose of the CombiBox. We are also aware of how important it is that CombiBox is cost-efficient and easily handled.


Our engineers will develop an integrated packaging solution following a careful study of your packaging needs and will do their utmost to satisfy your requirements for a sustainable and cost-efficient packaging system. We use advanced 3D technology (CATIA) for our constructions. Thanks to this technology, we can quickly present a prototype for your approval.


We know that other parties in addition to yourselves need to be satisfied with our solution; it is also important to ensure that your suppliers feel comfortable with our solution. With our 30 years of experience, we are equipped to meet various wishes and demands. The CombiBox satisfies the entire delivery chain since it is easily handled, saves time and reduces costs.



Regardless of your means of transportation, we offer the perfect packaging solutions for transporting your goods safely and securely. Our goal is to always transport goods by the best means possible.

Additional Options

Clip-Lok SimPak can adapt RFID tags or GPS tracking device to your boxes to have the most modern tracking system and product data available on the market.

With over 30 years of packaging experience, we have thousands of different transport boxes in one-way and returnable solutions available that are ready to be shipped. We can solve all your packaging problems and have a perfect solution for you, and its FREE to test!


We guarantee our product against faulty workmanship from delivery of an order;
any part which fails due to faulty material or faulty fabrication will be replaced free of charge.


All our customers are provided with a high standard of service. We will do our best to serve you and meet your needs not only in the process, but also after delivery of our reusable, collapsible Clip-Lok Boxes.

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