Fender Manufacturer’s Delight At Packaging Solution

Metal sheet fenders are expensive and easy to damage. It means they have a need for safe and sturdy packaging solution. Our customer approached us to design a packaging solution for their fender project. After understanding their requirements, we designed a cost-efficient packaging that can be flat-packed. It works like an accordion with a locking system. This secures the metal sheet fenders during transport. The simple design along with the returnable feature of the box saves costs. It has helped our customer break even on their packaging investment in the first year.


Our customer is one of the largest tractor manufacturers in Northern Europe. We have worked together for over 10 years on various projects. In the past, they manufactured fenders using high strength plastic. They used high strength plastic as it is very rigid and forgiving. But, for the new generation fenders, they moved away from high strength plastic. Instead, they started using sheet metal.


Their process involved deep drawing of the fenders by a subcontractor. It was then sent to another subcontractor for painting. After painting, the fenders went to the assembly line. At any stage in this process, the fenders were susceptible to damage.


The process involved the deep drawing of the fenders by a subcontractor and then sending it to another subcontractor for painting. After painting the fenders they go to the assembly line. The parts are easily damaged in all stages of the process.


We provided them with Clip-Lok 2P box solution instead of our steel rack solution, as it was a box tight to dust. The Clip-Lok 2P box has corners which are 2 x 12 mm. It enables them to pack more fenders compared to our steel rack solution.


The box is custom designed and works like an accordion for these fenders. Apart from the long sides and the lid, all parts are hinged together. It can also be flat-packed during the return trip, thereby saving costs.


We have used HDPE brackets as part of the dunnage on which the fenders hang. There is also a locking mechanism placed on top for stability and security of the fenders. Our customer has since been able to send 8 fenders in each box as compared to 4 fenders beforehand.


Our solution offered has higher packaging density compared to steel racks. It lets our customer send more parts per box. This has allowed them to save costs and break-even on their packaging investment in year one. We provide our customers with the best packaging solution in the market.


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Clip-Lok 2P Box for fenders flat-packed.
HDPE dunnages for fenders to hang.












Fenders on HDPE dunnages secured for transport.
Fenders on HDPE dunnages secured for transport.










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