Cost-Efficient Solution Fulfils Packaging Needs of Filling Machine Manufacturers

Filling machines are sensitive and expensive. It means they have a great need for a safe and sturdy packaging solution. Our customer is a leading manufacturer of filling machines. They contacted us to design a cost-efficient packaging for their filling machines. The simplicity and smart design of our packaging save time and effort. Not only our customer but also the end-user appreciates it.

Filling machines are high-sensitive products. They are expensive machines with tubes and electronics. They fill small cans up to 50 ml or family-sized bottles up to 1500 ml. Their usual capacity is filling about 2900 packages an hour. They produce in high volumes, and hence it is important that they are not damaged on arrival.

Our customer, in the past, had used one-way wooden packaging with nails and screws. To open the packaging they needed tools. Due to the nails, screws and tools, the products in the box was often damaged. Also, they sold their filling machines around the world. So, it was important to have easy access for custom checks. They also needed the temperature inside the box to not rise during transport. Hence, they started looking for a simpler solution who could fulfil their needs.

Our solution

After understanding their needs Clip-Lok designed a packaging solution which simple and sturdy. To make it simple for our customer and the end-user we designed the box with Clip-Lok QIK Plastic clips. The dunnage inside the box locked the filling machine. It also provided support during transport.

We added air vents at strategic positions for the constant flow of air. This ensured the filling machine did not get too hot during transport. A webbing was also designed to keep the insects away during transits.

In order for easy custom clearances, we built an inspection hole for a customs check. The Clip-Lok One-Way box could also be flat-packed and stored in the warehouse. It provided the end-user with an opportunity to store the packaging and send machinery for calibration or repairs if needed. This tool-free feature of being able to build the box and flat-pack in about 2 minutes has been a hit with all users.

Our smart solution has ensured that our customer and the end-user both save time and effort. It makes our box the best cost-efficient solution for their filling machine. Our solution makes the life of our customer and end-users easy. We add value not only to our customers but also to the end-users.

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About Clip-Lok SimPak

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