Waste-free & scratch resistant packaging for the automobile industry

Clip-Lok introduces a waste-free soft rack solution for transporting dashboard instrument clusters from the subcontractor to the assembly line.

A major passenger car manufacturer needed cost-saving protective packaging for delicate lacquered plastic and leather instrument clusters. The instruments would be sent from the subcontractor directly onto the assembly line.

In close cooperation with the manufacturer, Clip-Lok designed a unique 2P box with soft rack dunnage. The subcontractor can simply place each instrument cluster on an individual soft padded shelf which fully protects the instruments from damage. No extra packaging is required. Once on the production line, the box is easily opened giving direct access to the instrument clusters. Without any further steps such as unwrapping parts, the operator can continue the assembly process maintaining an optimized flow. The waste-free Soft Rack dunnage solution replaces traditional plastic bubble wrapping which has to be removed and discarded upon arrival.

The Clip-Lok 2P box has only two loose parts – the lid and the front panel. The remaining side panels are hinged for quick folding and assembly. The spring steel clips are secured to the panels making them fast and easy to fit and remove. The Soft Rack dunnage is designed to fold into the internal void when the box is flat-packed for the return shipment. When flat-packed, the volume of the box is greatly reduced minimizing return shipping costs.

This successful solution complies with the manufacturer’s “green” profile while providing significant savings in packaging costs. With a Clip-Lok box, investment payback is often seen after just three trips.  Our boxes can be reused for more than 100 transports with normal handling.

This combination of cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility has helped make Clip-Lok a key partner in the automotive industry. Read more about Clip-Lok’s commitment to protecting our environment.