Clip-Lok Packaging Pool

At Clip-Lok SimPak® we understand your problems when you are looking for transport packaging solutions. We also understand that it can be difficult to change to a new packaging supplier. It is usually expensive, time-consuming and can become a logistical nightmare.

Clip-Lok SimPak® believes we can solve all those problems and have a perfect solution for you, and it’s FREE to test!

With over 30 years of packaging experience, we have a wide range of transport boxes in one-way and returnable solutions available that are ready to be shipped.


Our offer to you is simple; we will listen to what you need. If we have the boxes in our system which fit your requirement we will provide you with up to three boxes for eight weeks.

We understand it can be expensive for you to change packaging suppliers. Therefore, we will not charge you to test these boxes for 8 weeks. You may introduce this in your supply chain and test how easy and simple it is to use our boxes.

After 8 weeks you can evaluate the return on investment, packaging simplicity, ease of use and sturdiness. We are confident that you will fall in love with our boxes. Therefore, if you choose that our boxes do not fit your system we will take them back. You will also not be charged a penny except for the transport costs.


Need a CUSTOM solution? Let us help you