Bunk beds – Fast delivery!

Clip-Lok Bunk Bed

Tool-free, fast and easy to build – For emergency relief or permanent use

Clip-Lok Bunk Bed
Fast delivery, affordable price and fully washable.

Speed and affordability are critical when masses of people must be relocated and housed. Hence, Clip-Lok’s bunk beds can accommodate two people in the space of a single bed. Also, the bed can be shipped to a location completely flat-packed minimizing shipping and storage. Mattress included upon request.

Fast and tool-free assembly

It takes just two minutes to assemble this very rigid and sturdy bed. See the build-up videos at www.youtube.com/user/ClipLok 

Manufactured on four continents for fast delivery. Moreover, the bunk beds can be delivered from factories in Scandinavia, the USA, South Africa, UK, India, Korea, Israel, and Spain.

Experts in innovative clipped constructions.

Furthermore, Clip-Lok have constructed packaging and other systems for a wide range of industries including humanitarian aid organizations for over 25 years

Tall portable bunk bed
from Disc-O-Bed

The Disc-Bunk is a fully washable cot system created to withstand emergency relief situations. It stands 43cm off the ground, with additional storage space underneath.

It immediately accommodates those displaced. Especially in relief aid situations. It also maximizes available floor space available.

Easy no-tool assembly, thanks to a modular disc system that conveniently fits together, disassembles, and stores in a compact carry bag when not in use.

In addition, it converts to a bench for additional seating during the day or two single cots by night, allowing for a flexible living space with little effort.

Moreover, accessorize it for additional comfort with a side organizer. It can also add storage cabinet or mosquito net and frame. Purchase one or more to ensure maximum comfort.

Contact Clip-Lok SimPak® for more information:

Denmark: Anders Lassen +45 40 57 05 87

Sweden & Norway: Roger Tillberg +46 76 801 7700

Finland & Others: Gustaf Follin +46 70 231 5600

Email: sales.sc@clip-lok.com