Clip-Lok SimPak protecting quality sound

When a company produces an absolute top-end electronic product, it requires absolute top-end packaging to keep it protected during the trip to its new owner.

The manufacturer of state-of-the-art fully digital, integrated sound systems entrusted Clip-Lok SimPak® to design the packaging used to deliver these systems to their customers. In cooperation with the manufacturer, Clip-Lok developed a set of boxes for all parts in the system, all of which provide superb support and protection during transport. Without the need for tools, the box is easily assembled with spring steel clips. All of the protective padding and supports are an integrated part of the box construction, so there are no loose parts to position and therefore no risk of incorrect or inadequate packing. Upon arrival, the box sides can be unclipped and packed flat onto the pallet base. If desired, the flatpacked box can be stored to ensure that the system can be safely moved later on.

About Clip-Lok SimPak
Clip-Lok SimPak® is a cost-saving packaging system. For over 25 years, our reusable, flat-packable, custom designed boxes have provided superior savings and functionality. Investment payback is often seen after only three shipments. The Clip-Lok SimPak Group is a global network of independent companies covering marketing, sales, client liaison and manufacturing on four continents.