Clip-Lok at the Alihankinta Subcontracting Trade Fair in Finland


This year, Clip-Lok SimPak® elected to be a part of the Danish Group Stand at the extremely popular subcontracting trade fair in Tampere, Finland. This Subcontracting Trade Fair presents the key areas of industrial subcontracting, namely the metals, electronics, plastics and rubber industries as well as industrial ICT solutions and consulting services.

Today is the final day of the fair and Mr. Gustaf Follin, Sales Director at Clip-Lok, reports that the stand has been very well visited and considers the fair to be a great success for Clip-Lok.

Our next stop is the Elmia Subcontractor exhibition in Jönköping, Sweden on the 11-14 November. This is Northern Europe’s leading trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their customers. This annual fair is an important event for Clip-Lok because there are many representatives from the automotive industry. Clip-Lok has over 25 years of experience producing boxes for the automotive industry – in particular, for spare parts such as axles, brakes and pumps, where packaging density and handling must be optimized.

Clip-Lok will present a broad selection of both new and proven transport box solutions at Elmia. If you plan to be at the exhibition, please come to hall B stand B04:19 and meet the representatives from Clip-Lok.