Clip-Lok boxes for transport of heavy duty truck windshields


Clip-Lok SimPak® is now manufacturing boxes for the transport of heavy glass loads for a new line of heavy duty trucks launched in 2013.

The transport of large glass windshields provides a unique packaging challenge for truck, automobile and glass manufacturers. Because of the size, weight and fragility of the cargo, an extremely robust box and specially-designed dunnage are required. Furthermore, because the windshields are often a part of the Lean manufacturing process, they must be easily and ergonomically accessible directly from the box.

Clip-Lok has mastered this challenge and Clip-Lok boxes are now a part of heavy duty truck logistics. As an extra plus, Clip-Lok boxes are flat-packable and reusable.

Through the use of innovative 3D design technology, the engineers at Clip-Lok design reusable plywood boxes that provide high-density packing while fully protecting each windshield from damage and dust.

“It is a privilege to be able to meet the exact demands of the manufacturer of these new heavy duty trucks, providing them with transport boxes that minimize their costs and optimize flow on the assembly line” says Gustaf Follin, Sales Director at Clip-Lok SimPak.

The collapsible Clip-Lok 2P box features a removable front panel and drop down ramp for easy access to the windshields on the assembly line. When the box is emptied, it can be folded down into a very compact package, less than a third of the original box size, and shipped back for reuse.

Clip-Lok boxes are tested and proven to hold up under the impact, pressure and vibration of normal transport. In fact, this robust box will often remain in the logistics cycle for over one hundred transports. In addition to this, Clip-Lok is committed to environmental protection and designs and manufactures boxes only from environmental-friendly certified wood. This, together with customized loading plans and flat-packed returns, significantly reduces the costs and pollution associated with transportation.

Clip-Lok SimPak cost-saving, reusable packaging for truck windshields is good example of the advanced technology and environmental purpose which are at the core of the Clip-Lok quality commitment.

About Clip-Lok SimPak®
Clip-Lok SimPak is a cost-saving packaging system. For over 25 years, our reusable, flat-packable, custom designed plywood boxes have provided superior savings and functionality. Investment payback is often seen after only three shipments. The Clip-Lok SimPak Group is a global network of independent companies covering marketing, sales, client liaison and manufacturing on four continents.