Volvo Construction Equipment chose Clip-Lok 2P boxes for shipping painted body panels


Volvo Construction Equipment recently approached Clip-Lok SimPak® to design a box for a series of body panels. The parts would be packed in sequence with each box containing items of various shapes and sizes. The boxes would be shipped directly to the assembly line and become an integrated part of the manufacturing process. Once on the assembly line, the box must allow easy and ergonomic access to the parts.

Clip-Lok has met this challenge with a collapsible and reusable plywood 2P box solution. The Clip-Lok 2P box has a removable front panel and drop-down ramp providing direct access to the parts on the assembly line. The box is secured with hinged spring steel clips. Once emptied, the box and all dunnage components can be quickly flatpacked to a just a fraction of the size and shipped back to the source for repacking.

3D design technology is the key to optimized packaging. With this innovative technology, Clip-Lok engineers are able to design reusable plywood boxes that provide high-density packing which fully protects each item from damage. As the Volvo truck panels are painted, this was a critical factor.

Cost-efficiency was an important factor for Volvo. Clip-Lok boxes are tested and proven to hold up under the impact, pressure and vibration of normal transport. In fact, this robust box will often remain in the logistics cycle for over one hundred transports. This proven durability results in very low annual maintenance costs and the flexibility of design ensures the best possible product protection. All these factors contribute to early investment payback, often within six trips.

In addition to this, Clip-Lok is committed to environmental protection. Therefore the company only manufactures boxes from environmental-friendly certified wood. This, together with customized loading plans and flatpacked returns, significantly reduces the costs and pollution associated with transportation.

Clip-Lok SimPak® is very pleased to be a logistics partner to Volvo and other companies in the automobile industry and looks forward to expanding even further into this market.