Clip-Lok to exhibit at Elmia Subcontractor


Clip-Lok will again exhibit at Elmia Subcontractor, held annually in Jönköbing Sweden. As Northern Europe’s leading subcontractor fair, it is an important meeting place for anyone connected with the Swedish subcontracting industry.

Clip-Lok will be joining companies from nearly every corner of the subcontracting industry in displaying product news and innovations for the many visitors. Last year 14,500 people streamed past the stands.

This annual fair is a significant event for Clip-Lok because the automotive industry is particularly well represented. The company has many years of experience making boxes for spare parts such as axles, brakes and pumps, where packaging density and handling must be optimized. Also larger items such as panels, hoods, doors and power trains are safely transported in Clip-Lok plywood crates.

In addition to the automotive industry, Clip-Lok provides custom packaging solutions for aeronautical, alternative energy and other industries where odd-sized items have to be packaged and transported safely.

Clip-Lok is very happy to be a part of this important event and will present an inspiring collection of both new and proven transport box solutions. Come to Elmia Subcontractor 6-9 November, 2012 and meet the people from Clip-Lok in hall B stand B04:19.