MoD in the UK buys Clip-Lok box for RWS

Clip-Lok UK has supplied the UK MoD with a bespoke designed box for the transportation of a remote weapons station.

Managing director of Clip-Lok SimPak UK, James Milne, was approached by a REME armorer who was responsible for the servicing of the RWS unit. Realizing that the Clip-Lok reusable box might provide an ideal answer to his need to move the system between his armory and place of use, he asked whether Clip-Lok could suggest a reusable solution.

He was interested in Clip-Lok because the plywood used in a Clip-Lok box is weatherproof, extremely durable and certified as being environmentally friendly. Even with pressure, vibration, impact, stacking etc. the boxes can be used over and over – typically over 100 transports with normal handling. And customized loading plans and flatpack returns reduce costs and pollution.

When loaded, the boxes can be stacked saving costs on transport. When emptied, the box can be flat-packed in just a few minutes. This reduces the box volume to a minimum, saving costs on return shipment and storage.

Another reason the customer was interested in a Clip-Lok solution, is that the Clip-Lok box is built with heavy-duty plywood panels manufactured to bespoke sizes, and held together with strong and durable spring steel clips. Custom designed dunnage keeps heavy equipment secure and stable within the box. The top and sides of the crate are simple and quick for one person to build-up and remove. This allows easy access for loading and unloading bulky equipment.

Clip-Lok responded with a solution that is custom-designed for this specific purpose and the customer has now taken the box into use. The Clip-Lok design has allowed the RWS unit to be quickly and securely loaded into a box for transportation and unloaded upon arrival. Being a bespoke design, the box ensures that the unit is delivered safely each time.

The REME are happy as they can spend their time servicing the RWS unit and the MoD is happy that the reusable box is a very cost effective purchase.