Clip-Lok boxes remain the choice for transporting 155 mm howitzer projectiles

After years of use, a major ammunition manufacturer still prefers Clip-Lok boxes for transporting 155 mm howitzer projectiles.

In response to a request from an ammunition manufacturer for a robust and cost-effective solution, Clip-Lok developed a unique packaging solution for the transport of the extremely heavy projectiles. Prior to contacting Clip-Lok, the manufacturer had experienced repeated problems with other packaging solutions which resulted in costly damages.

Clip-Lok reusable boxes are made of FCS or PEFC certified 18 mm plywood and are assembled with strong spring steel clips. These materials make the boxes robust while at the same time flexible in order to absorb shock and vibration during transport. To ensure that these very heavy items can be transported safely, custom designed vacuum-formed dunnage holds the ammunition securely locked in place.

The returnable, flat-packable boxes are designed to allow easy loading and unloading of the goods in order to optimize handling safety and comfort and to minimize handling time.

Clip-Lok has developed a broad range of customised reusable ammunition boxes for various defense contractors, all of which have achieved hazardous goods approvals. These include the box which is used to transport propellant for 155 mm howitzer shells.

Clip-Lok boxes are made for shipping by road, rail, air or sea either flatpacked or loaded with ammunition. They can be optimized to fit, for example, Hercules transport airplanes or 20’ or 40’ shipping containers. The boxes are stackable even when loaded with the heavy ammunition and the 4-way pallet makes them easy to handle. When not in use, the boxes can either be used for training sessions or be collapsed and stacked in storage where they take up a minimum of space.

Clip-Lok continues to develop new solutions for the transportation of heavy, hazardous and sensitive goods as well as for more standard goods.