Clip-Lok enjoyed a busy week at Elmia Subcontractor

Over 14,500 visitors streamed through the exhibitor stands at Elmia Subcontractor – Northern Europe’s leading subcontracting trade show. The show, held annually in Jönköbing Sweden, has proven once again to be a perfect forum for meeting new and current customers.

“This is the second year that Clip-Lok has been represented at this important trade show and we are already making plans for attending next year. We enjoyed a steady flow of activity at our stand during the entire week.” says Allan Nolsøe Hansen, sales engineer at Clip-Lok. “The majority of the subcontractors and manufacturers that we spoke with were from Swedish companies. They expressed particular interest in our 2P box and our Soft Rack System.”

The 2P box is designed to serve industries such as the automotive industry, where time savings are calculated in seconds and minutes and where speed of turn-around is critical. The 2P box has only two loose parts, the lid and base. It is possible to detach the sides if necessary. The panels are hinged to allow quick folding and assembly. The steel spring clips are secured in position on the box. When the customized dunnage is folded away into the internal void, the collapsed box is ready for return and reuse.

The Soft-Rack System is a collapsible box with an integrated fabric rack system which folds into the bottom of the box when not in use. The Soft Rack system is designed to carry sensitive parts such as painted car parts, without the need for extra packaging. The sensitive parts are placed directly in the rack system by the sub-contractor. Upon arrival at the production line, the box is easily opened by the operator, allowing direct access to the parts. Without any further steps the operator can continue the manufacturing process maintaining an optimised flow. When the Soft-Rack box is emptied, it can be collapsed to a significantly reduced size and either placed in storage or returned to the subcontractor.

Clip-Lok welcomes you to meet them at Elmia Subcontractor 2012 in Jönköbing Sweden.

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