Clip-Lok was well-visited at DSEi in London

Clip-Lok is very pleased with the amount of interest there was in the Clip-Lok stand at DSEi 2011 in London. The stand was built entirely of Clip-Lok boxes and featured some of our most exciting reusable containers.

“We had a steady stream of visitors during the entire four-day event. The exhibition guests, as well as many exhibitors, showed great interest in our collapsible, reusable and cost-saving packaging systems.” says Anders Lassen, Managing Director of Clip-Lok International. “Clip-Lok has years of experience in designing custom packaging solutions for transport of military goods. Large, heavy and/or sensitive goods are our specialty and military organizations often require packaging for just such goods.”

Among the innovative packaging solutions that Clip-Lok has designed for military organizations are transport boxes for armored plating, rifles, radars, ammunition and fuel bladders.
The Defence & Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEi) is a biennial event with over 1200 exhibitors and over 25,000 attendees making it the world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition. Clip-Lok is already making plans to attend DSEi 2013.