Boxes for Lean Manufacturing

Clip-Lok introduces more boxes for Lean Manufacturing and in-sequence delivery.

Valtra who is the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries and the second most popular brand in South America has fully implemented the Clip-Lok packaging system in their lean production process.

To cut down costs and obtain smoother handling, Valtra has chosen to integrate the Clip-Lok system in their supply chain. Contractors are delivering all parts in Clip-Lok boxes which are delivered just-in-time in Valtra´s Lean Manufacturing and in-sequence production line. The boxes are designed to maintain ergonomic correct working position when the operator is loading and de-loading the parts. Furthermore it was required that the boxes could carry hoods or panels in different sizes, and the boxes should also carry several kits at the same time.

Clip-Lok has developed two boxes which fulfil the requirements of carrying different sizes and multiple numbers of kits and at the same time enable easy loading and de-loading without the risk of damaging the parts.

One of the boxes holds three kits of side panels for hoods. The panels are placed in dunnage to ensure separation of each painted item in order to avoid damage during transport. The box opens in the front and the operator has full access to all items. When shorter panels are shipped a unique designfeature allows them to ship both short and long panels in the same box.

The second box carries the top and front of the complete hood. Again there is room for several kits. A Soft-Rack system is mounted to carry the smaller parts of the front. By using a Soft-Rack system there is no need for extra packaging of the painted parts as they are well protected in the Soft-Rack system. The top of the hoods are placed in PUR separators to avoid damage. Again there is full access to all parts and the parts can vary in sizes. When the Clip-Lok box is not in use, the dunnage folds into the box and the volume of the box is reduced with 67% which reduce the return costs.

Clip-Lok boxes are reusable and collapsible. The boxes can be handled with forklift and when not in use the boxes can be collapsed with a volume reduction up to 80%.