Clip-Lok SimPak® secures the transportation of Poynting Antennas

The Poynting Antennas DF-A0038 is a direction-finding and monitoring antenna covering a frequency range of 20 MHz to 3.0 GHz. The full-size elements on all bands give excellent DF sensitivity. Ultimate angular resolution for strong signals is well under 1º for most of the frequency range. The antenna is 3.3 m tall, 2.7 m diameter when fully assembled, but breaks down into parts no longer than 1.6 m for packaging and transport.

Poynting chose a reusable Clip-Lok box for optimum protection of the Poynting Antennas DF-A0038 during transport. The box has several custom inserts to secure the 33 parts that make up the antenna. Foam coverings at the end walls protect the painted surface of the antenna. The product will be unpacked and re-packed at least three times in its life; at the system integration company, for acceptance and at final installation in the destination country.

”The Clip-Lok box provides the option to easily remove and re-pack the antenna as many times as necessary, without any risk of degradation of the antenna and the packaging material. After transport between the destinations we found no damages neither on the antenna nor the Clip-Lok box” says Thomas Abbott from Poynting Antenna

These highly specialised and sensitive products are made in small quantities. It is important to Poynting Antenna that the Clip-Lok system allows for custom packaging from single unit quantities, up to large production volumes.

A set of these direction-finding antennas are now installed on their masts, having been shipped around the world safely in their Clip-Lok boxes.

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