Clip-Lok SimPak packaging can include the latest GPS tracking system

Goods need to be transported in strong, safe and secure packaging, but sometimes there is also a need to track the boxes through the supply chain. Clip-Lok boxes can now be fitted with a small built-in GPS tracking device which allows the sender/receiver to monitor the progress and real time location of their goods.

The GPS tracking system which is traced by satellite can be monitored on an open webpage or by mobile phone. With this feature you can either trace the Clip-Lok box by SMS, where coordinates will be sent to your mobile phone (which can be displayed on Google Maps) or you can choose to track it through a free web based Live tracking page.

The GPS can be configured to meet your requirements. You can individually tailor the GPS system to meet various specifications, included alert if the goods set in motion, or it can hourly send you messages so that you can monitor it´s progress.

The GPS is equipped with a battery which can last up to several years. When the battery is low you will receive an alert, which enable you to change the battery while you are able still locate the box…!