New rules will force companies to rethink their packaging

Following similar moves in Germany, Belgium has issued new and more strict rules on securing loads. The regulations are important because Belgium is a transit country for freight moving between the UK, France, Holland and Germany.

New rules will also apply foreign-registered trucks. Shippers have to provide their logistics partner or haulier with a document detailing the type of cargo, the weight and the kind of pallets used. Shippers are also obliged to provide safe packaging while the complete load has to remain stable even when tilted to an angle of 26 degrees.

Belgian law holds hauliers responsible in case of accidents, while drivers are also obliged not to set off on a journey with a trailer that has been improperly secured. This means that drivers will have to strap everything, whereas they in the past used Non-slip pads on lighter loads. Strapping will mean that corrugated cartons will start to be crushed and its contents potentially damaged.

Clip-Lok boxes, both reusable and one-way, are better than other packaging. Their strength and stability already meet the new requirements. Clip-Lok boxes are made of plywood with an integrated pallet, and they can easily be strapped without the risk of damaging the box or the Point-of-sale packaging.