Boxes for fuelbladders – no nails or screws

Fuel is an essential part of the military supply chain, but transporting fuel, and its storage, is a difficult and dangerous issue. Fuel bladders must be free from damage and especially leaks. Clip-Lok boxes are completely different to traditionally nailed or screwed boxes as Clip-Lok designed fuel bladder boxes have no nails or screws. They are erected with the externally fitted and reusable strong spring steel clips which are easy to insert and remove.

Different sizes of Clip-Lok fuel bladder boxes are required depending upon whether they are for use on land or at sea. Fuel bladder boxes at sea are designed to be air transportable. Boxes for land use are often much larger at 300m3.

Clip-Lok boxes have passed numerous military tests and also UN tests for transporting and storing hazardous goods. They can be stacked on top of each other without the need for racking. They are also weather proof.

Clip-Lok offers a number of additional custom solutions for specific requirements. These include a polyurea coating for boxes regularly exposed to sea water and for land use; boxes can be painted with NATO green IR inhibitor paint. Additional foam linings can also be used when the requirement is identified.