Customer´s need

  • The product of the customer was of an awkward size. The customer was hence looking for a bespoke packaging.
  • The customer also required a packaging which could be easily inspected, and opened and closed by customs easily, if required.
  • Furthermore, due to the nature of shipment the customer needed the packaging to have ventilation in the box.

Clip-lok´s solution

Clip-Lok’s engineering design team thoroughly reviewed the shipping system being used. Clip-Lok, with its strong background in electronic equipment packaging, quickly responded with solutions that would provide damage free shipments for the customer. The Clip-Lok solution offered was a sturdy OSB box solution with loose panels which could be easily built around the box. In order to make it easy and simple for custom checks, Clip-Lok’s solution included a slider on the short side. A ventilator was also provided at the top right corner on the short side.

Customer Benefit

The tailor made boxes provided optimum product safety and enabled the users to easily build the box around the product.
Adding a slider for ease of custom checks and providing a ventilator for ventilation to protect the product and fulfil the customer requirements.
Improving the ergonomics and safety by removing the need for nails or nail guns to assemble or disassemble the packaging.

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