Customer´s need

  • The customer’s product was delicate and expensive. Hence, they were looking for a bespoke packaging solution.
  • As the product was expensive, it was important that the product could be transported without any damages. Also, it was required that their logo was clearly visible on the packaging.

Clip-lok´s solution

Clip-Lok’s engineering design team thoroughly reviewed the shipping system being used. Clip-Lok, with its strong background in medical equipment packaging, quickly responded with packaging solutions that would provide damage free shipments for the customer.

Clip-Lok offered a plywood box with a detachable long side. It provided easy access for the users to insert and remove the product. A highly detailed dunnage enabled the product to be strapped so that product safety is not compromised.

Customer Benefit

The customised boxes with highly detailed dunnage’s protected the highly sensitive products inside the box
The warehouse costs were substantially reduced due to the flat pack ability of the box.
The product was now easy to pack due to the detachable long side in the box.

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