Snowmobiles Packaging Investment Paid Off in Two Trips

A snowmobile is large, expensive and easily damaged if it is not packed well during transport. Clip-Lok has designed and developed a cost-efficient returnable packaging solution for the snowmobiles. It has enabled our customer in defense forces to pay off their packaging investment for snowmobiles in two trips.

Snowmobiles are big and bulky machines. They are not easy to transport. Also, they are expensive and the repair costs are high if they are not packed well. It means they have a great need for safe and sturdy packaging.
Clip-Lok SimPak has long served the defense industry. So, we reached out to them to understand how they shipped their snowmobiles. We realized they received the snowmobiles on pallets. Also, they were only protected by a thin sheet of cardboard. It meant they faced huge costs in damages during transport and warehousing. We indicated to our customer that this was not an efficient way for them to ship their snowmobiles.
We gathered information about their operation and made them a packaging proposal. We custom designed a Clip-Lok Standard Transport box for their snowmobiles. At the base of the pallet, we added a clamp to strap the snowmobiles. It secured the snowmobile during transport. We also designed a ramp onto a short side, thereby making it easy to load and unload the snowmobile. These features ensured our box protects the snowmobile at all times when packed.
Our packaging is also designed to be flat-packable and stackable. It has enabled our customer to ship twice as many snowmobiles in one transport as before. It has resulted in reducing their transport costs significantly.
During the summer, our customer ships back the snowmobiles to the warehouse. To reduce warehouse costs, it is important to be able to stack boxes. Our customer is able to save huge warehouse costs as they are now able to stack snowmobiles using the Clip-Lok solution.
Clip-Lok has reduced the damage costs for our customer on their snowmobiles. It also lowered the warehouse cost as the snowmobiles are now stackable. We have doubled the number of snowmobiles shipped in one transport. According to our feasibility study, our customer was able to pay off this investment in two trips.
The Clip-Lok packaging solution provides the best protection to the snowmobiles of our customer. It has allowed them to save costs. It has also facilitated in paying off their snowmobile packaging investment in two trips.
Clip-Lok SimPak provides customers with the best packaging solution available in the market.

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Clip-Lok Standard Transport Box for snowmobile is flat-packed.
Inbuilt ramp allows easy loading and unloading of snowmobile.











The snowmobile is strapped for safety during transport.
The box is built up around the snowmobile. No nails, smooth surface and customized locking system ensure
safety of snowmobiles while they are in transport .