Customer´s need

  • The customer was looking for a packaging company which could provide them solution to separate CCB’s and protect it during transport.
  • Clip-Lok was asked by the customer to analyse their product and design a packaging solution which would was secured against contamination and precipitation.
  • The customer also required a box with bespoke dunnage capable of separating the CCB’s.

Clip-lok´s solution

The customer sent over a product sample to Clip-Lok to review their design and create a sample packaging. After reviewing, Clip-Lok created a simple to use reusable packaging solution with bespoke dunnage. Each box could pack 40 geometrically complex CCB’s in one transit. The bespoke dunnage was designed in a way capable of separating the CCB’s.

Customer Benefit

The customer was very pleased with Clip-Lok’s packaging solution as the bespoke dunnage provided maximum security and a very high packing density.
Clip-Lok’s solution was reusable and the customer was now able to pack more CCB’s in each box, it reduced their logistic costs which led to significant savings.

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