Customer´s need

  • The customer manufactures Busbars for leading automotive companies and they require a robust packaging for it.
  • The customer asked Clip-Lok to analyse their product and design a packaging solution which would protect their product during transport.

Clip-lok´s solution

Clip-Lok reviewed the product designs and designed a reusable plywood packaging. The Clip-Lok box was tailored with a possibility to load 84 busbars in one transit. The customised interlocking plywood dunnage provided support and security during transport. It could also be flat packed to reduce the logistic costs.

Customer Benefits

The customer was very pleased with Clip-Lok’s tailored collapsible and re-usable solution during the design and manufacturing phase.

Investment in Clip-Lok’s re-usable system provided the customer transport security and reduced shipment cost. This has led the customer to enjoy substantial savings.

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