Customer´s need

  • The customer was looking for a bespoke packaging for a part used in the alternative energy sector. 
  • High importance on easy accessibility of the product while loading and unloading.

Clip-lok´s solution

Clip-Lok’s sales and engineering design team thoroughly reviewed the shipping system being used. Clip-Lok offered a bespoke reusable packaging solution to the customer from the alternative energy sector. The packaging solution was easy to use due to the unique spring steel clips.

The Clip-Lok reusable packaging would provide typically up to 100 trips.

Customer Benefit

The customised boxes provided optimum product safety and Clip-Lok boxes were easy to assemble and disassemble.
The boxes were tailor made as per customer requirements, and as the shipping system was thoroughly reviewed the boxes were transport optimised. It led to increase in efficiency on the work floor and also lowered the transport costs.

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