Clip-Lok SimPak designs Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions with EU Support

Meeting at the Clip-Lok SimPak factory in Alleroed

Allerød, 12 October 2023 — The Mayor of Allerød, Carsten Längerich, alongside representatives from the Municipality and Erhvervshus Hovedstaden. The Mayor and the team have recently visited Clip-Lok SimPak, underlining the importance of collaboration and sustainable practices in today’s business landscape. With more than 80% of Clip-Lok’s turnover coming from export, the company is strategically positioning itself to meet the rising demand for eco-conscious packaging solutions.

Clip-Lok SimPak implemented CO2e calculator

At Clip-Lok SimPak, we are taking a step towards environmental responsibility with the development of a Carbon Footprint (CO2e) calculator. This innovative tool, created with the help of the EU, under Virksomhedsprogrammet SMV:Grøn, allows businesses to calculate the environmental impact of customized packaging solutions.

 “The project involves collecting relevant data on our raw materials, putting this information together in a weighted order, and developing a parametric calculation model.”

Anders Lassen, CEO of Clip-Lok SimPak,

This initiative not only aligns with Clip-Lok SimPak’s commitment to sustainability but also places the company at the forefront of environmentally conscious business practices.

In collaboration with the SMV Green Initiative and the Consultancy Firm Viegand Maagøe, we have implemented a calculator that empowers the company to assess the CO2e load of all existing and future products. This strategic move enables businesses to make informed decisions regarding their packaging solutions.

ParBox Software Update: Streamlining the Entire Business Process

In addition to our sustainable initiative, we are implementing software updates for ParBox, a crucial tool used throughout the entire business process, from sales to production. Therefore, this update aims to enhance efficiency, allowing the sales force to collaborate with customers on-site to design unique, tailor-made packaging solutions. The product-specific machining instructions can then be exported directly to large CNC equipment, minimizing human interference and increasing accuracy.

 “Our ambition is to allow our sales force to design on the spot with the customer their unique tailor-made packaging solution and to export the product-specific machining instructions directly to our large CNC equipment with limited human interference.”

Anders Lassen demonstrates Quick Clip - the competitive advantage of the Clip-Lok SimPak's packaging
Anders Lassen demonstrates Quick Clip – the competitive advantage of the Clip-Lok SimPak’s packaging
Anders Lassen expresses the vision behind the software update

Clip-Lok SimPak’s sustainable initiatives and technological advancements demonstrate our commitment to setting new benchmarks in the packaging industry. By combining innovation with environmental stewardship, Clip-Lok SimPak continues the mission in delivering customised, sustainable packaging solutions to businesses across various sectors.

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